Rebel Soul - Dolce (Sugar) Butter Scrub

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About Rebel Soul

Feed your soul and the rebel inside with this delicious fusion of Cardamom, Jasmine, Brazilian Rosewood, and Citrus. It smells like the open road, freedom, and a toast to doing it our way!

The Top Three Ingredients - Over 70% of our Dolce Butter Scrub: Sucrose - Sugar - Regular and Large Crystals Shea Butter - stable and thick for little to no waste while providing unparalleled moisture for your skin Safflower Seed Oil - provides a skin barrier for the Shea Butter to be absorbed and the Sucrose to wash off the skin cleanly Phthalate Free · Paraben Free · Soy Free · Sulfate Free · Cruelty Free

Did you know that putting sugar through a commercial mixing process starts the breakdown process of sugar crystals? That is why our Dolce Butter Scrub is hand-crafted here in our workshop!