Tear It Down - Dolce (Sugar) Butter Scrub

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Tear It Down - 

to leave quickly. We blended everything you'd think wouldn't go together into this incredible scent of freedom - Tangerine for the tart, Pineapple for the sweet, Cassis for the buzz, Saffron for the spice, Bergamot for the tart, Patchouli for the freeness, Violets for the flowers, and Black Pepper for the kick. The Top Three Ingredients - Over 70% of our Dolce Butter Scrub: Sucrose - Sugar - Regular and Large Crystals Shea Butter - stable and thick for little to no waste while providing unparalleled moisture for your skin Safflower Seed Oil - provides a skin barrier for the Shea Butter to be absorbed and the Sucrose to wash off the skin cleanly Phthalate Free · Paraben Free · Soy Free · Sulfate Free · Cruelty Free Did you know that putting sugar through a commercial mixing process starts the breakdown process of sugar crystals? That is why our Dolce Butter Scrub is hand-crafted here in our workshop!
Made in United States